Dance ensemble “SALTANAT” in France

 From June 13 to July 23, 2019, the 36th international festival of folklore Mondiale-36ème Festival Mondial de folklore de la Ville de Saint – Ghislain was held in the cities of France and Belgium. The festival brought together dance and music groups from around the world, where each of the countries introduced the audience to the art, culture and tradition of their people. 

On June 13, in the city of Roche-la-Molière in France, the Grand opening of the folklore festival took place. The state dance ensemble of the Republic of Kazakhstan, with the direct support of the Ministry of culture and sports of Kazakhstan, presented the Republic of Kazakhstan at this Grand ethno-festival. Also, our ballet dancers held master classes in Kazakh dance in front of representatives of other countries, on the squares in front of the residents of the city danced Kazakh folk dance “Kara Zhorga”, and also introduced to the traditions of the Kazakh people.